Eyewear as a fashion statement

When it comes to eyeglasses Optic Masters has the best fashion and functional combinations in the Tri-state area. People who need glasses to function better now find that not only do they see better, but also that glasses are a major fashion statement often enhancing their individual style and image. Eyewear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They are a fashion statement, they’re polished, cool, funky, sporty, and they come in many designs to match each and everyone’s personality and style, it’s amazing. Shopping for a pair of great spectacles has never been easier these days at Optic Masters. You purchase different styles you can wear them like you do shoes or a suit, for what every mood you feel like conveying with that particular outfit or event.


What to wear: EYEGLASSES trends 2017?

The winter color palette this season is a replica of fall tones; black, clear, browns and reds along with the classic tortoiseshell color that’s never out of style.

2017 is still rocking the oversized sunglass along with double-wired rimmed aviators the new twist on the classic aviator. It has never been more stylish to be a four-eyed!

The vintage and retro designs are always in demand. Thick rims are in, with a more wide variety of shapes and sizes, not just the classic ‘Billy Joel’ inspired black wayfarers but also thick rimmed spectacles.


The latest style is vintage inspired, complementing your unique style with fresh designs that will not make you look basic. In 2017 designers will reinvent those 70’s inspired thick rimmed look, sporting in all designs. For men is all about the power to up your level of style and attitude with the vintage hipster look or a professional, stylish, vintage or funky look.


As women we are fortunate with huge variety of cat-eye inspired eyewear, specs with a heavy brow line, of even bolder colors, and a redesign of the thin rimmed glasses that 70s French girls used to wear. Think retro shape in the 90s thin metallic rims that are guaranteed to catch a passing gaze by all. The latest heavy brow-line eyewear style will add a dab of sophistication to your look, as well as touch of chic to the style you wish to portray. Give yourself a smart and sexy look that’s just bound to turn heads. It is a celebration of ALL is IN, with a penchant for bold color and more classic geek rims. Which I think is fantastic.

Optic Masters has the most beautiful selections in terms of color and texture and a huge variety of retro rims that fit so many styles and images customers come from as far as New York City and the Hamptons and are clients for decades at times.


We stand behind the quality of our items. That is why we extend a free one-year warranty on all frames, lenses, and specialty lens treatment. All frames are guaranteed with a manufacture warranty, we will repair or provide a replacement free of charge for one-year from the date of purchase. Damages that are a result of misuse, extreme abuse, lost, theft and not normal wear-and-tear are not considered defects. If you scratch your lenses, we will remake your lenses one time in the one year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you as long as it is the same prescription. Also, Anti-reflective lens treatments will be replaced one time in a one-year period from the date of purchase free of charge.