Eye Exams

Included in Routine Eye Examinations:

  • Refraction for eyeglasses prescriptions
  • Testing of eye coordination to look for causes of eye strain lazy eyes, and vision related learning disabilities
  • Microscopic assessment of the anterior eye for abnormalities, infection, and complications relative to general eye health.
  • Testing of intraocular pressures for glaucoma.
  • Assessment of posterior retina and optic nerves for abnormalities and/or complications relative to general eye  health.
  • Dilation of pupils for more extensive retinal examination is recommended

Included in Contact Lens Evaluation:

  • Measurement of corneal curvatures
  • Previous contact lens and relevant medical histories
  • Assessment of patient’s expectations and/or factors relative to satisfactory contact lens wear
  • Microscopic assessment of the anterior eye for complications relative to successful contact lens wear
  • Professional decision on type of lens best for patient while considering reputation of manufacturer, material, diameter, base curve, and finally powers
  • Microscopic evaluation of actual fit of contact lens on eyes
  • Assessment of visual results with contact lenses versus eyeglasses
  • Training patient techniques for proper and safe contact lens insertion and removal decision on care routine appropriate for lens material and wearing schedule
  • Follow-up visits to evaluate corneal condition, vision, comfort, and care of lenses