Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses


DriveSafe is designed for patients who need help with vision while driving. The unique technology addresses the stressful visual challenges when driving.

The only The Benefits of the Drivesafe lens is: It gives you better vision in low lighting conditions, reduces glare from the oncoming cars headlights and clearer vision when viewing the dashboard to the mirrors to the road. Zeiss Drivesafe makes you feel safer while driving and gives you outstanding vision all day long.

The three unique solutions Zeiss has developed to battle the night driving and all around lens are: Luminance design technology, DuraVision DriveSafe coating and the Zeiss DriveSafe design.

The Luminance design technology was designed for the specific challenge of low light conditions. The Luminance technology, Zeiss designed the lens to account for the different sizes of the pupil for changing lighting situations. This results in wearers having better vision all day long.

The second challenge was the powerful xenon headlights. Up to now anti-reflective coatings have not been specially designed to block the Xenon and LED headlights. The Zeiss DuraVision Drivesafe coating was designed with the company HELLA, a leading headlight manufacture. The coating is so effective because it reflects the most harmful wavelengths from xenon and LED headlights.

The last challenge that was taken into consideration when designing the Zeiss DriveSafe lens was the demands while driving. When driving the demands are high, the rapid shifting from the road to the dashboard and mirrors, you need a wide clear view of the road. This is challenging for progressive wearers. Zeiss conducted a study with the automotive research institute FKFS at Germany’s University of Stuttgart that examined eye-tracking movements. This mapped out the actual visual behavior of drivers to determine the most important areas needed. With the data from the study Zeiss designed the DriveSafe progressive that optimized distance and intermediate zones, while reducing the need for sideways head movements. It offers a faster refocusing between road, dashboard and mirrors.

Come in today and try out the new Zeiss DriveSafe lenses. It is offered in single vision and progressive.

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