Essilor Eyezen+ Lenses


With the increase of the demand from the digital world Essilor has come out with a lens that has three major benefits: defends against digital eye strain, reduces exposure to blue light and provides sharper vision. The new lens is called Eyezen+ it comes in four different powers depending on your age.

There are a growing number of sources for harmful blue light; this causes stress on the retina. It is important for ophthalmic lenses to filter the harmful blue light out but still allowing beneficial blue light in to reach the retina. Harmful blue light is also a contributor to age-related macular degeneration.

Digital eye strain is the physical eye discomfort felt after a few hours in front of digital screen. Digital eye strain is the over exertion of the eye muscle. About 65% of Americans have visual discomfort when viewing a screen, a combination of factors contributes to that such as: the proximity of the device and the time length. It is the prolonged contraction or flexing of the eye muscle to create the clearest possible image.  Adults under the age of 30 experience the highest rates of digital eye strain symptoms.

Eyezen+ is not an ordinary single vision lens. It helps your eyes relax when focusing on objects that are close up such as your phones or tablets. This helps you so you don’t feel a strain after long periods of viewing your devices. This lens is not just for the computer or when you are looking at your devices but it is for everyday use. Eyezen+ is a more complete solution than regular single vision lenses for modern day vision problems.

Eyezen+ is truly a complete packaged deal and worth the extra money. They are the more complete vision solution for everyday eyeglasses than the tradition single vision lens, by containing blue light blockers and defend against digital eye strain. Come on in and ask us about the Eyezen+ today.

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