Essilor Varilux X Series


Varilux has just released the most advanced progressive lenses on the market. Essilor has built on the advances of the Varilux S series to bring today’s progressive lens wearer a lifestyle changing lenses to the Varilux X Series. Varilux X Series lenses is one of the best premium lenses on the market and it provides wearers with the best vision possible at every distance, for every activity and even in low light situations.

The X Series delivers a crisper vision, sharp at all distances. The active progressive lens wearers have evolving lifestyles, Essilor has developed on the Nanoptix and SynchronEyes Technologies from the S series, to develop a new advancement called the Xtend Technology to greatly enhance the Varilux X Series lenses’ performance for visual tasks within arm’s reach. Now a days the active wearer is constantly on-the-go and in need of a lens that will keep their vision sharp at all distances, in every situation.

The Xtend Technology was developed to enable wearers to transition between multiple near distances with seamlessly ease Xtend Technology increases both the depth and breadth of the wearer’s simultaneous vision for multiple near distances. It generates uniquely optimized keenness buffers that temper each addition variation to boost depth of field and enhance the local surface shape to widen the providers’ vision of multiple near targets. The result is a high level of visual clarity for activities at all distances, whether sitting and reading a book, or shifting vision between distances while driving a vehicle.

Make sure you come in and ask about the new Varilux X Series progressive lenses. Or call us at (516)364-7474 if you have any questions about the new Varilux X.

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