Summer is here Time to Get New Sunglasses

Summer is here; it is time to protect your eyes more than ever now from UV rays.  The sun emits three different kinds of ultraviolet radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVB and UVA are the rays you have to watch out for. UVB rays can burn your eyes and skin; UVA rays can cause damage to your vision health.

Come in and check out Vuarnet sunglasses the best mineral lenses since 1957. Each pair of Vuarnet sunglasses offer clear, distortion free vision and protection from infrared and blue light. Vuarnet lenses which are manufactured in France are exclusively mineral glass opposed to others that are plastic “glass”. They are guarantees you the most protection, precision and resistance. They offer a complete range of mineral lenses.

The ocean is a very demanding environment for sun protection. Vuarnet helps your eyes from being strained between the wind and sun. You can expect the best in terms of quality and performance from Vuarnet sunglasses.

One of Vuarnet’s best sellers is the iconic Glacier model. It is suitable for all seasons from snow goggles to hit the slopes with to a timeless and contemporary metal aviator. With just a simple gesture to remove the case that transforms the Glacier frame. The District model a classic, timeless look that mesmerize the sporty heritage of the 1970’s modern style.vuarnet-day-15-willie-kessel-03

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