Toddlers Aren’t Too Young for Glasses

Routine checkups at the pediatrician’s often include a vision screening test that takes a photograph of the child’s eyes. The analysis of the test result is helpful information for the doctors in whether the child needs glasses. There are certain signs to be aware of between screenings that show children that are too young to read may need glasses.

Look out for frequent squinting. When the child squints, they are looking through a narrower opening and can see clearer.

When a child gets right up close to the television or holds a book close to their faces these signs aren’t always reliable gauges to whether it’s the child’s eyesight. Children have a tendency to hold books close to their face when they aren’t extremely nearsighted.

Children like to get close to televisions so that the TV takes up most of their field of vision reducing any distractions. If the parents moves them away from the TV and the child continues to go back up that’s more of a sign that the child needs glasses.

If you suspect a problem with your child’s vision make sure you take them to a pediatric ophthalmologist. They have the proper instruments such as retinoscope that can determine the child’s prescription. Children don’t need to be verbal to get prescription glasses.

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