Things to be Aware of when Buying Bargain Glasses

We all want to cut costs in some way shape or form. But deals that are too good to be true, you usually can see the instant savings up front but the product often falls short of expectations.  Cheap glasses can actually do more harm than you’re aware of.

When you buy glasses online the online retailers can sell cheap eyewear due to different expenses than “brick-and-mortar” stores, such as high rent in retail shopping areas. Buying online is cheaper but the hidden cost is that you don’t receive the personal touch that you receive by a qualified optician. The optician explains the quality and different types of lenses you may require and shows you the proper frames that fit your face.  When you buy online there is no one there to tell you what is going to look good on you.

Cheap eyeglasses are not the same top quality they claim they are that you purchase at Optic Masters. There are significant differences between the, scratch resistance of different lenses and lens coatings, there is a difference in the level of optical performance of the lens materials and brands, and the difference levels of durability and comfort between frames. By purchases eyeglasses online you don’t know what you are actually receiving regarding the type of lenses, material and lens coating.

Online retailers who sell cheap prescription glasses usually fabricate the lenses in their own optical lab instead of using a specialty wholesale optical laboratory. Receiving your cheap glasses quicker the quality of the finished product suffers greatly.

“Brick-and-mortar” stores can’t compete with online retailers that have a large virtual inventory of frames. But having a larger selection doesn’t make it a better selection it just becomes more confusing and harder to find the right pair for you. That is where the qualified opticians at Optic Masters comes in they help find the right frame for your face.

When buying cheap eyewear online they have features like “virtual try-on” where they superimpose images with different frames. They give you a rough idea how you will look, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the frames workmanship or how it feels on you Depending on the quality of the virtual try-on the color and size of the frame may vary. . For people who are sensitive to the weight of the frame due to skin sensitivity or sinus issues it is important for them to speak to a qualified optician. All these problems can be avoided by being fitted with glasses at Optic Masters.

Cheap sunglasses can sometimes cause more harm than even with labels claiming “polarized” and “100% UV” they often allow harmful UV to penetrate your eye. The cheap sunglasses may look identical and even feel the same to premium quality sunglasses when they are not. They do not protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV). The darkness of the lens does not indicate the level of protection from UV. A qualified optician at Optic Masters would explain the right brand of sunglass lenses that offer the best protection from the sun to you.

Cheap reading glasses can help you see clearly up close only if you are over the age of 40 and are going through normal age-related presbyopia. But it is easy to choose the wrong power and the optical quality of cheap reading glasses are not as good as customized reading glasses. They also often do not provide an anti-reflective coating to block high-energy blue light emitted from computer screens and cell phones.

Cheap eyeglass frames are made to look like expensive frames but often are not made of lower quality materials that can cause skin irritation. Cheap plastic can get bleached over time by the UV rays causing the finish of the frames to scratch. The cheap metal frames often contain nickel alloys that cause discolor to your skin.  More disturbing with cheap eyeglass frames is that they get recalled and removed from the market due to lead paint or other toxic substances.

Warranties are only as reliable of the retailer who provides the services. You buy cheap eyewear online or at a mall kiosk can you be guaranteed that they will be there when your glasses break?

Bargain prices are tempting to buy several pairs but does it really make sense to spend money on something that is as important as eyewear, are you seeing your best with cheap eyewear are you protecting your eyes for a lifetime of good vision. When most likely the bargain frames are not durable to last more than a few months. By coming into Optic Masters and seeing a qualified optician we can help you avoid these potential problems.

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