Vuarnet Sunglasses


Come in and check out our new line of sunglasses Vuarnet. “The best mineral glass and polarized sunglasses made in France since 1957.” Vuarnet mineral glass lenses are one of the best lenses out there. They provide extraordinary clarity, highly durable to scratches compared to a typical plastic lens.

“Making a mineral glass at Vuarnet is an art from the selection of the best raw materials, to the exclusive treatments, to the final control, a working week is necessary to carry out the 17 steps of the manufacturing process.”

Even during the winter, the sun’s rays are harmful for your eyes, you should be wearing sunglasses. These sunglasses are amazing to take on the slopes for your winter getaway. That’s where the Vuarnet story began in 1960 on the slopes of the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley. The alpine ski racer Jean Vuarnet won the gold in downhill wearing the infamous Skilynx lens.

Its time to look into the future with Vuarnet Rag & Bone X Collaboration. Rag & Bone revamped 4 styles of Vuarnet with elaborate color scheme along with an exclusive Rag & Bone package. The two iconic brands share the philosophy in cool styles that anyone can wear.


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