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Low Vision Care is not a surgical procedure or medicinal treatment, but rather a rehabilitative program to teach you new strategies to maximize your remaining vision. Low Vision Care can assist you in maximizing your functional vision, independence, and quality of life.

Optic Masters Low Vision Specialists will review your lifestyle needs and develop a customized program to achieve your visual goals. This may include optical, electronic or adaptive aids, as well as other complementary medical or rehabilitation specialists to complete your care.

How Do I Get Started? Please contact our office at 516.364.7474 to schedule a low vision evaluation. Please bring any eyeglasses, magnifiers or other products that you are currently using. These will greatly assist our staff in putting together a management plan just for you!

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How Long Does It Take? An initial Low Vision evaluation may take approximately one hour, but additional follow-up visits of 15-20 minutes may be needed until all of your visual goals have been satisfied.

How Much Will it Cost? If you are covered by Medicare, our low vision evaluation may be covered, at least in part. The Low Vision Aids that may be recommended are not generally covered by Medicare or private insurance.

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